Affordable for Your Family

We know childcare costs can be a huge burden on families. However, Todayz Kidz is a Non-Profit child-care provider and we offset much of our expenses through donations and grants. That is how we manage to offer YOU, our community, some of the best rates around!

Hours of operation for all ages is 7am to 5pm from Monday through Friday.

The rates listed below cover all operating hours for five days a week.

**Todayz Kidz is an Equal Opportunity Care Provider**

Infants & Toddlers

Our tiny ones deserve the closest and most tender care, therefore we hold tight child/teacher ratios with our infants and toddlers. Our rate for ages 1 and 2 is $175 per week or part time at $50 per day.

Preschool & Beyond

We know children learn at different paces and in their own way, so all school activities are based around each child's individual needs. Rates for preschool and up (3+) are $125 per week or part time at $30 per day.

Before & After School

We provide safe transport for before and after school care for Muhlenberg School District and its local private schools. Our rates are $100 per week per child. We also cover full days when school is closed and care during the summer!